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Interactive Driver and Driver's Book and Online e-exam system with the support of Turkish, English and Arabic language 7/24 hours we offer to the service of all our candidates.

Continue Steering Training Until You Learn

If 14 hours of steering training is considered to be inadequate as required by the regulations, steering trainings continue until no additional charge is learned.

Driving License Classes

Class B Automatic and Manual Car License - A, A1, A2 (automatic and manual) Class Motorcycle Driving License - Class D Bus License

E-book, E-Exam and language support
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Driving License Classes

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Menteşe Driving Course, which operates with its experienced staff, serves under the supervision and supervision of the Ministry of National Education. [/ p]

In our course, we are given a driving license in class A (A1) Auto (BMW 320 D) and Manual (HYUNDAI I20 D), A-A1-A2 (motorcycle) (E-D Heavy Vehicle). The training provided by a young, professional and expert staff in our classrooms is projected to train “professional drivers” and no sacrifice is avoided in the light of this aim. [/ P]

Having achieved a high success rate in the exam results, Menteşe Driving Course has adopted the principle of providing education to the candidates with the latest technological means. Our course, which adopts unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle, offers a friendly, decent and friendly course environment far from the classical course environment with the mission of raising driver candidates who adopt traffic behavior as a legal and moral duty. [/ P]

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The last registration day of April 2019 is 10 April. You should bring your documents by this date.

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Highest Success

In the first trials of the candidates, we have the highest driving license success rate.

Best time training

We prepare a steering and course training program according to the hours requested by the candidates.

Training until Learning

If the required 14 hours of steering training is considered to be inadequate as per the regulations, the steering training is continued until no additional charge is learned.

Life safety

The importance of human and life safety is kept in the foreground.

Available Payment Options

Payment options by hand and credit card

Specialist Teachers

Every staff member reflects the experience of years to you in a professional manner.

Quotas and Vehicles

Highest contingency and the highest number of vehicles

Service for Registration

We have a service for the candidates who want to have a preliminary interview and registration.

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    Class B Vehicle

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    Class A Vehicle

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    Class D Vehicle

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    Experienced Teacher

Our Price

Driver's license price: The price of the driving school + entrance fee for the exam + the license fee fee. It consists of 3 payments. Driving school fees are paid for the course. The entrance fee is paid to the Ministry of National Education. Admission fee for the first time the theoretical examination entrance fee: 80 TL and the entrance fee for the steering exam pays 110 TL. Class upgrade payers only pay the fee of £ 110. File, certificate, book and stationary fees received by some course centers are not taken at our course center.


Andry LincolnBerkay Gezer
Andry LincolnMüslüm TEKİN
Andry LincolnMehmet KURT
Andry LincolnRıdvan SAYAR
Andry LincolnGürol DOĞAN

Menteşe driving school has a training and steering skill that is far above my expectations. The course is based on the ability of the trainee to get the benefit and the license of the trainees in the shortest time. I recommend to people around me in terms of both service and quality.

Berkay Gezer

I'm very pleased with their teachers.It is very nice and interested. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a license.Good studies

Müslüm TEKİN

I received my education from our principled, harmonious, tolerant teachers. I left you happily and thank you to all those who contributed.

Mehmet KURT

I am very pleased with the trainings I have received from your friendly staff and quality teachers. Thank you. I wish you continued success.

Rıdvan SAYAR

I am a warm-blooded and sincere person. I have successfully graduated from your course. I will recommend you to my relatives. I wish you good work.


Special steering lessons

Our teachers who have given their years of work are currently the most preferred and most specialized driving lessons in Muğla.

  • Automobile steering lesson single course

    150 ₺
    130 ₺
    Automobile steering lesson single course
    1 saat
    Detaylı Bilgi Başvur

    75 ₺
    90 ₺
    1 Saat
    Detaylı Bilgi Başvur


  • How many questions do you have on your driving license?
    There are 50 questions in the driver's license exam. Of the questions in the driver's license exam 27 of the traffic course, 13 of the first aid information, 10 of which are asked in the vehicle technique (motor) course.
  • How is the license exam score calculated?
    The number of correct answers given by the candidates to the questions will be determined, the wrong answers will not be taken into account, the correct number of answers will be calculated with 100 points. Each question in the central system exam will have equal weight as a score of over 70 out of 100 candidates will be counted as successful. With at least 35 correct answers, you will pass 70 points.
  • 3 wrong in the driver's license test takes the truth?
    No. The questions you answered incorrectly in your driving license exam do not affect your net count.
  • Can I drive a driver's certificate without my driver's certificate?
    No. You can use the vehicle after you apply to the Traffic Registration Office and get your driver's license
  • How many times does he have to take a driving license theory test?
    In the driving license exam, candidates are entitled to take 4 (four) and 4 (four) practical exams.
  • How long is the exam duration?
    Total 45 minutes. 30 minutes before your exam.
  • How much absenteeism can I do during class hours?
    20% of the total course hours without excuse.
  • Where is the written and steering exam?
    The e-exam is held on 1st Floor in the building of Mentese District Directorate of National Education. Click here to view the address from the map and get directions.

    Steering training and examination Muğla in front of the South Eye Hospital It is done in open autopos. .

  • Where can I get a driver report?
    You can get it free of charge from your family physician, if you don't get it from the State Hospitals and the private hospitals authorized to issue a driver report.